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How does Little Red Pocket Co support the Autism Community?

Little Red Pocket Co is dedicated to actively engaging with the Autism Community and making substantial investments in individuals impacted by autism. Our foremost mission is to generously reinvest in the very people we aim to assist. We achieve this by providing direct monetary payments to artists, encouraging them to pursue and advance their careers in the creative arts. As Little Red Pocket Co expands, we are committed to creating employment opportunities exclusively open to and filled by individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through our financial support and inclusive employment practices, we strive to empower autistic individuals, foster their artistic growth, and enhance their overall quality of life.


How does the artwork submission process work?

At Little Red Pocket Co, we have a straightforward process for considering autistic artists. Here's how it works:

  1. Submission: Any autistic artist interested in showcasing their work with us can submit their portfolio or samples of their artwork through our online submission form Found here. We accept various forms of visual art, such as paintings, illustrations, and mixed media.
  2. Review: Our husband and wife team then carefully review each submission. We evaluate the artistic merit, originality, and overall quality of the work while also considering the artist's unique perspective and creative expression.
  3. Selection: Based on the review process, we select artists whose work aligns with our vision and resonates with our audience. We aim to create a diverse and inclusive representation of autistic art, showcasing a range of styles and themes.
  4. Collaboration: Once selected, we establish a collaborative relationship with the chosen artists. This includes discussing potential partnerships that can further their artistic careers. Financial remuneration is agreed and settled depending on the type of agreement reached with the artist.

At Little Red Pocket Co, we strongly believe in providing a platform for autistic artists to shine and express their talents. We encourage all interested autistic artists to submit their work and join our vibrant community of creative individuals.  


Who can submit artwork?

Artwork submissions are only open to individuals diagnosed with autism.  


Do you ship your products Worldwide?

We currently ship to 5 destinations.  Canada, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.  


Does the wall art come with authenticity? 

Yes, all pieces that are limited in print volume are shipped with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


How long from order placement to the items being shipped?

Usually 24hr for garments and 3 working days for wall art.  However, this can at times be extended due to short supply / high demand