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Art Submission / Terms & Conditions

1. Art submissions are promoted by Little Red Pocket Co. Pty Ltd (LRPC) - ABN: 51 646 107 851.
Email Address:

2. The art submissions may have a theme or other criteria at the discretion of LRPC.

3. Entry is open to all ages that have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

4. A child entrant must have parental/carer permission upon submitting their artwork. By submitting the artwork, LRPC assumes such permission has been given and the parent/carer agrees with these Terms and Conditions.

5. Entrants must provide the following details with submission of the art:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Contact email address
  •  A clear image of the artwork 

6. The submitted digital images of the artworks will be collected and retained by LRPC and will be be eligible for selection at any time.  If an artist wishes to have their art work withdrawn from consideration, an email stating this in writing is required.

7. In determining successful go to print artists, LRPC will conduct an interview with the applicant or parent/carer in order to confirm entry criteria is met. This interview may occur by video technology (eg. Zoom) or telephone, to the satisfaction of LRPC.

8. The Cash payment for a successful go to print artist will be $5,000.00 AUD. Payment of the prize money will be made electronically in AUD currency to the bank account of the entrant or parent / carer.

9. Taxes of any kind applicable to the prize money in any jurisdiction are the responsibility of the entrant. LRPC accepts no liability to any taxation authority in any jurisdiction.

10. The entrant or parent/carer affirm that the artwork (and any part thereof) as submitted, is their own work and they own all rights to it. LRPC is indemnified by the entrant or parent/carer for any liability whatsoever arising from artwork submitted that is not authentically theirs.

11. The selected go to print artworks will be used by LRPC to design, produce and sell LRPC branded products (such as clothing) which will include the artwork as the design or feature. The entrant or parent/carer of the winning artwork agree that they will have no rights of any kind in respect of LRPC products which may bear the design of the submitted artwork.

12. The entrant or parent/carer of the selected go to print artwork agree that LRPC is authorised to use the submitted artwork and to make changes to the artwork, as may be required to design and produce LRPC branded products. LRPC will endeavour to retain the integrity and essence of the artwork to the extent possible.

13. The selected go to print artists will be announced publicly on LRPC social media platforms.

14. Entries may be chosen by LRPC for digital display and promotion on their website and all other social media platforms. By entering your art, entrants give permission for LRPC to promote their name and art entry on its websites, social media and other platforms at the discretion of LRPC.

15. LRPC will collect, manage, use and disclose personal information in accordance with all relevant legislation and standards as per the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). LRPC will take reasonable steps to securely store such information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access.




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