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Jamie's Characters

These delightful characters form part of a collection we have simply called, "Jamie's Characters".

Put to paper when James was 8 years old, the collection comprises of over 30 characters in total.  Some have names, some don't.  Some look familiar, some don't.  But ALL lived in James until he was ready to share them with us one quiet Saturday afternoon.  In one sitting, over 6 hours long, and without break, James proceeded to draw, scribble, scratch and toil until no fewer than 30 A4 sheets of paper, each with a unique character were placed neatly one on top of the other, and he fell asleep at his desk. 

Ecstatic and proud, we scanned each of these pieces and kept them close until now.  One by one we will digitally convert these characters and release them as they become ready for print on our kids and adult garments from our 'everyday LRPC' range.