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Aneka Gibson

"I am Aneka Gibson from Australia Brisbane. I am 13 years old I have ASD. I only started art after I was bullied when I was 10 years old. As I was going though this time I had to try and express how I felt so I started drawing. Art came in daily to help with the emotional load. Often each one of my art work expresses an emotion I felt that day. I have been trying to sell my art and when I do I am so happy I made $20 to spend on more art. I am a little shy when delivering my art. My confidence is slowly improving. My dream I want to achieve is becoming an artist and an Olympic swimmer. Even when I get knocked back I still get up again to continue my dream."

About the Piece, Aneka says:

"I named my painting Kaleido after showing my dad the painting and he said it reminded him of a colourful kaleidoscope.
Most of the colours I gave 2 coats depending on if it stood out. But I only gave some colours 1 coat due to helping the tiger with its stand out look. All the colours used on this art work were acrylic paints and poster paint.
Before I painted I sketched the tigers face onto the canvas with a pencil. Then I painted over the main outlines in black outline of the tigers face with black poster paint. After doing the black outline I then used rainbow colour of acrylic paint brand Derwent academy to finish the tiger.
I used these colours because for me rainbow means calm, happy, hopeful".