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Whats with the Pocket?

So, what’s with the pocket?

Following our son James' autism diagnosis, we embarked on a journey to create a business that highlights and supports the artistic talents of individuals on the spectrum. Our initiative not only highlights distinctive strengths but also advocates for awareness and inclusivity. Additionally, we provide financial support to aid in kickstarting a journey toward independence for those facing challenges navigating life due to the complexities that autism can present.

But why Little Red Pocket?

When he was little and out with us in a crowded place, our advice to James to hold onto our pocket was symbolic of our efforts to keep him safe and close to us. If he let go, we would feel the weight of his hand drift away from us and warn us that, perhaps, he was about to get lost in the chaos around us.

The truth is, it was a coping mechanism for us as much as it was for him – and it worked.

So we thought, why not turn our little unique way of life into a bold symbol, used to show support and love for the often forgotten members of our community who live life on the spectrum and their families. The more little red pockets there are out in the community, the more acceptance and opportunities for those on the spectrum. Instead of feeling misunderstood, families can feel seen and supported when they see someone walking down the street wearing that signature little red pocket.