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Deborah Nabbs

Deborah Nabbs is a  43 year old and mum to 3 boys. She received her official diagnosis quite recently but had self diagnosed for a very long time. She helps support an autistic little boy at school on a 1:1 basis so autism is a big part of her life.

"Art has always been a wonderful way to relax, allowing me to be completely immersed in a world that is growing and shaping at the command of my pencil or paintbrush. It's complete escapism and brings such joy when you are able to bring back with you a piece of art (a chunk of your soul) that you are happy with and can share with others. It's a privilege for me to see my work displayed on your items , supporting a cause that is so very close to my heart and my family's"

About her piece "LOST" Deborah says:

"This piece I actually drew to represent how I was feeling about my autistic traits at the time. I felt that everything was falling apart and it was then that I decided I actually persue a diagnosis. I know this pic is a little grim, I did feel completely dibilitated at the time (hense damaged wings) but I'm now feeling much better."